Earphones or Headphones ?

Many of us our confused these days, and we’re about to set the record straight…
Headphones Earphones JBL Roxy 289x300 Earphones or Headphones ?

Now many of us will ask the question…

Should I buy earphones or headphones ?

Choosing whether to buy earphones or headphones is not an easy task. That’s why we are interested in finding the advantages and disadvantages of these two popular accessories. Almost every household owns a pair of either earphones or headphones to use with portable devices such as iPods, CD players, and phones. Earphones or headphones are usually for personal use and should deliver high quality sounds to your ears.

It’s Not Your Fault That You Can’t decide whether to buy earphones or headphones !

Well, unfortunately that’s not always the case. There are many low quality earphones that are bought every year by consumers, and quite frankly most people are disappointed by crappy distorted music. Cheap earphones or headphones can be found at corner stores, electronic stores and Quick Marts. The problem is people assume that any pair of earphones or headphones should do the trick, but the consumer is the only one who loses on that. It kind of reminds of the saying if it looks to good to be true than it probably is. I bet your wondering what the difference is between these two accessories. The biggest difference between headphones and earphones is that headphones have a piece that rests on top of the head, and the speakers delivering sound are usually bigger than the ones on earphones.

Basically, headphones are bigger than earphones and therefore are less portable and less convenient. On the other hand headphones will usually sound better because the watts are higher than the ones found on earphones. The advantage of having earphones is that they are conveniently small and portable. For example if someone was to go for a jog or a run they tend to wear earphones because they are more practical.

In conclusion, earphones or headphones are both great devices depending on your personal needs. If you would like to do use on of these accessories for fitness purposes, or if you want something more lightweight go for the earphones. Secondly, if your looking to have an amazing music experience with top quality audio pumping straight to your ears you should go for headphones. Headphones are frequently used for walking, listening to music at home, and for dj’s and mc’s. Finally whether your getting earphones or headphones you always want to buy from trusted brand names such as Sony, Panasonic, Bose etc.