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Digital technology means earphones have become more popular

Everywhere you look these days there are people with beats by dre earphones in their ears.

With the explosion in music devices, media devices, and cell phones, people are using earphones more than ever. You see them in use on buses, subways, and people use earphones when riding bikes or jogging. The main purpose of beats by dre earphones is so that someone can listen to something without others having to listen to it as well. People listen to their favourite music, watch videos on their phones, and even have conversations.

Of course using earphones to listen to music while running or riding the bus is not new.

When the Sony Walkman was first sold in the 1980s, it offered consumers the opportunity to listen to music while remaining mobile. The Walkman later gave way to portable compact disc players that had added convenience in some areas. They did tend to be more fragile, however, and so they could present problems for those who wanted to mix music and physical activity. This all changed when Apple came out with its iPod. This digital music player offers incredible portability and convenience. Also, because it does not depend on moving parts, it is much easier to carry and to use regardless of what type of activity the user is involved in. And without the use of external speakers, the iPod user depends entirely on beats by dre earphones to listen. It is a relatively recent phenomenon that this type of digital device is available in such portable form. With a pair of reasonably inexpensive earphones, the user can enjoy literally hundreds of hours of music on their digital player. With a Walkman, on the other hand, the user could only listen to one cassette tape at a time.

There are a variety of different qualities of earphones.

You can buy a very cheap and low quality pair for under $10 or a better quality for $20 or $30. You can also purchase earphones that cost hundreds of dollars. These are likely for more specialized use, however. Some of these high-end are also available in wireless mode.